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Two things I hate about Google

May 19, 2007 | 9:39 pm | Tags: google

Google offers absolutely the best online services that made lives of many people easier than ever before. Anyway, here are two things I hate about them. If they got fixed, Google would become almost perfect.

1. Google is disorganized

Google is probably the most disorganized site ever. The developers have done a great job making all those pages but it’s almost impossible to find them all. They use different URL formats for different services. Some of them are located at the 3rd level domains, some are available at google dot com slash something. Last week Google introduced brand new layout changes that include a toolbar on the top of every Google page. The toolbar is pretty cool and makes navigation through Google services a lot easier—but where the heck is the “Even more” button? Am I blind? I’ve been searching through the whole Google site but I haven’t found any links to this page. As for localized Google versions, things are even worse. Although many services are available in lots of various languages, it takes months or even years for Google developers to put links to these services on localized homepages. Most localized homepages don’t feature the “More” link at all and they look like Google.com in 2003, maybe 2004. If Google made the services organized, way more users would discover and use them. And I don’t think it’ll take much effort to do so.

Where is the Even more button?!
Where is the “Even more” button?

2. Google doesn’t support web standards

Have you ever checked Google homepage’s source code? It looks like it was made 10 years ago. Google guys tell others to support web standards but they don’t do so. There’s even no doctype declaration. Some people say they want to save every transfered byte, some people say they want the homepage to be backwards compatible. But according to this nice page, they’re wrong. Old browsers would render a strict homepage better than they render the current one and less bytes would be transfered. I really don’t understand Google’s attitude in this case. Are they just too lazy to make the homepage standards-compliant? What’s your opinion? Tell me in the discussion below.

Google homepage soruce code
Google homepage source code

Comments: 1

Comments: 1

  1. hearthcore:

    CZech the code, opaquits RIGHT :o)

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