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My first post… yeah!

May 14, 2007 | 10:07 pm | Tags: blog,xiii

Hello readers,
I’d like to introduce my brand new blog. The whole world has been turning into something “2.0” lately—to survive, everyone needs at least one blog to post to, so I finally decided to make one as well. Although I was too lazy to change the default WordPress 2.1 template to something own made, I hope you’ll enjoy all the posts and comments anyway.

Okay, the standard introduction is over. And now for something completely different! I’d like to announce two updates of my programs I’ve just started to develop. The first one is Unofficial XIII Patch 1.5—for those who don’t know what it’s all about, check out this page. The 1.4 version is about to celebrate its 2nd anniversary and I still keep getting tons of nice e-mails, so this is why I decided to make an update. One of the largest improvements is gonna be full Windows Vista compatibility along with multilingual user interface. The second program update is also XIII related. Yeah, it’s the Enhanced Server Launcher thing. But don’t expect many new features, I’m just gonna improve Windows Vista compatibility.

And about InstantStorm 1.5: Ondřej and I feel very sorry for the release delay but we had some trouble with dual monitor support under Windows Vista, so the program will be released during May instead of April.

Have a nice dill and enjoy this blog!

Comments: 2

Comments: 2

  1. Opaquit:

    🙂 Thanks for visiting and leaving the comment…
    About the dill. That’s quite complicated to explain. In Czech, there is a word “kopr” which means “dill” in English. But the same word is heavily used for relaxing or being lazy. When you translate “Mít kopr” into English, you get “Have dill”…
    Oh gosh 😀 Just checking your IP address… you’re probably Czech as well so I suppose you arleady know.

  2. Killer:

    Nice blog but what da hell means: “Have a nice dill?”

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