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InstantStorm 1.5 now available + history

June 10, 2007 | 10:13 pm | Tags: instantstorm

I know I’m coming up with this post a little bit late but OndÅ™ej and I were pretty busy with publishing this InstantStorm release and planning a brand new freeware project. For those who don’t know what this piece of software is all about, I’ll make a short introduction.

About 6 years ago, I was pretty impressed by all things Macromedia Flash. I spent many days making some silly Flash applications for my school magazine cover CD. One day I came across a promotional screensaver of my favorite video game and downloaded it. It was amazing. Then I found out it had been made with Flash and started wondering: “How do I turn a Flash animation into a screensaver?!”. I searched the Internet and found a couple of nice tools for this but they were all extremely expensive. Spending like $50 for this kind of program was just too much (I was 11 y.o.), I only wanted to make a few savers for my school magazine CD. A couple of years later, my friend OndÅ™ej and I figured we should make something free for authoring Flash screensavers. The codename of our project had been “Flash Dash”, then we renamed it to InstantStorm.

This is what InstantStorm 1.5 interface looks like
This is what InstantStorm 1.5 interface looks like

To find out more about InstantStorm, go to its homepage at www.instantstorm.com. To download the latest 1.5 release, go to the Download page. More info about InstantStorm history is available in this forum topic.

Comments: 2

Comments: 2

  1. EmZed:

    Good job mate! Thank you for this brilliant piece of software – saved my lazy ass 😉

  2. hearthcore:


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