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Chat with your MSN friends using Google Talk

May 15, 2007 | 3:25 pm | Tags: google,im

Google Talk is definitely the best instant messaging solution for many users—it’s easy to use, no ads, nice and clean interface. Even my grandma got familiar with it extremely quickly. In this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to talk to your Windows Live Messenger (MSN) friends right from your Google Talk client. Since Google Talk’s protocol is based on Jabber open communication standard, some Jabber transports work with it. All you need before following the steps below is a Windows Live ID account and a Google Talk account, of course. I know there is already a couple tutorials like this but they’re usually outdated and the transport services don’t work anymore. So here we go:

  1. Download, install and run the Psi Jabber client.
  2. Psi will ask you to create a new profile. Just click the Add button, the “Default” profile title is okay.
    Creating a Psi profile
  3. The Account Properties dialog will appear. If it does not appear automatically, don’t worry, just right click the Psi icon in your system tray and choose “Psi > Account Setup”.
  4. On the “Account” tab enter your Gmail user name (“Jabber ID” text box). If you’re not using Gmail, enter your Google Talk ID with @gmail.com suffix. Don’t forget to fill in your Google Account password as well (“Password” text box).
    Account tab
  5. Go to the “Connection” and check all available check boxes. Then enter talk.google.com as the “Host” and 5223 as the “Port”.
    Connection tab
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Go to Psi main window, click the status menu (with the gray star) and choose “Online”. Now open the main menu and click the “Service Discovery” item.
  8. The Service Discovery dialog appears. Type chrome.pl in the “Address” text box and hit “Browse”.
  9. Right click the “Bramka do MSN” item and choose “Register”. Note that you’ll have to send your Windows Live ID login details to this server. If you don’t trust it, there are tons of other around the internet, this one just worked best for me.
    Service Discovery dialog
  10. Now you’re supposed to enter your Windows Live ID and password. Do so and hit “Register”.
    Entering Windows Live ID loging details
  11. When a system message from msn.chrome.pl user appears, click “Add/Auth”.
    Jabber authorization
  12. Now you can close Psi and run Google Talk.
  13. All your MSN contacts should appear in your Google Talk contact list. I suggest that you should rename them to make your contacts more organized.
    Renaming a MSN contact
  14. That’s all, enjoy your new Google Talk experience! To add a new MSN user, just click the “Add” button in Google Talk and enter their Windows Live ID with @ char replaced with % char and ending with @msn.chrome.pl. If everything works fine, you can uninstall Psi, you won’t need it anymore. Example: To add a user with myturbofriend@hotmail.com Windows Live ID, simply enter myturbofriend%hotmail.com@msn.chrome.pl.
    Sample Google Talk + Windows Live Messenger conversation

Notes: The author of this blog is not responsible for the transport service. This feature is officially not supported by Google. If you want to unregister the Jabber transport, login to your Google Talk account using Psi again, open Psi’s XML Console (make sure the “Enable” check box is checked), click the “XML input” button and paste the following code:
<iq type='set' to='msn.chrome.pl'>
<query xmlns='jabber:iq:register'>

Then click “Transmit”. You’ll get unregistered from the MSN transport in a few moments.

Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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    hi nice guide

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    i wont to talk at school

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    Nicely done. Thanks !!!!!

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