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Apple releases Safari 3 beta for Windows

June 11, 2007 | 10:45 pm | Tags: browsers

Apple guys have finally released their Safari web browser for Windows along with official website redesign. I know it’s not the final release but the current Windows version is completely unusable. Although the program interface is beautiful, the program itself has too many errors even for a beta. Here are some bugs I came across during the first moments of testing:

  1. It won’t run on many computers. I tried Safari on two Windows XP PCs and one Windows Vista PC and it worked just on the last one. Both Windows XP computers did nothing when Safari.exe was executed. It might have been caused by the fact that I unchecked the “Install Bonjour” checkbox on those Windows XP systems but the browser is supposed to work without this, isn’t it?
  2. Heading tags that contain links are hardly rendered correctly. They’re just missing on most sites.
    Where's the post heading?!
    Where’s the post heading?
  3. The Bookmarks button doesn’t work. Every time I click this button, the browser crashes.
    Safari Web Browser has stopped working
    Safari Web Browser has stopped working
  4. It’s too slow for me. The official site says it’s the fasted browser ever. Compared to Firefox and Opera, Safari for Windows is extremely slow. Also the interface animated effects make working with the browser slower. I wonder why they don’t use smooth scrolling.

If all the major bugs get fixed in the final release, Safari will provide a decent browsing experience on Windows and the web developers will be happy for not having to get a Mac or Mac emulator to test and debug their sites.

That’s it for today, these were my first impressions about Safari for Windows, expect more to come tomorrow. And what’s your opinion about Safari for Windows? Share it in the comments below.

Comments: 3

Comments: 3

  1. Opaquit:

    Yeah… Some people found out that the 2nd problem is caused by system regional settings incopatibility. If you don’t use U.S. English regional settings in your Windows, the browser won’t render texts correctly. I use Czech regional settings on all computers, this is why it happened to me. And you probably use Slovenian settings, so the same bug appears in your browser as well. Let’s hope that Apple releases an update that solves this. Changing system regional settings every time you run Safari won’t be good.

    Anyway, very nice blog, I’ve added it to my RSS reader. At least I’ll learn some Slovenian. I’ve been using Slovenian version of Total Commander for like 2 years, I just love that language :).

  2. Klemen:

    Just tested it and encountered your 2nd and 3rd problem. The pages are not displayed correctly and adding a bookmark crashes it. It is not too slow for me, on some sites it is even faster than Opera, but they are displayed wrong, so… Until the release I will definitely stick to Opera and than I will give it another go.

  3. hearthcore:

    Je to humáč. Poprvé souhlasím s hulánem.

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